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Book signing at Castlepoint with The Fonz

A man who will go down in history for his cool catchphrases and ladykilling ways will be making an appearance in Bournemouth, but he will be reading to children rather than painting the town red!

Henry Winkler, who rose to fame playing Fonzie in the hit American sitcom Happy Days  will be signing books at the Oakmead College of Technology in Bournemouth.

Winkler, who is now 65, will probably not be dressed in his world famous leathers, and it is unlikely that the young students will know who the famous TV star is!

Arthur Herbert Fonzarelli, also known as Fonzie, The Fonz or Fonz will definitely be recognized by the children’s parents who will remember the star at his flirtatious best. Few women were able to resist Fonzie, who has a favourite in the Happy Days cast until the show ended in 1984.

Fonzie progressed in the series from high school drop out to a mechanic who finally got his diploma from night school.

Winkler is also a director, producer and author, even though he is best known for his role as Fonzie.

The father of two will be giving a talk and signing copies of his book from 9am until 4 pm at an event organised by Waterstone’s, Oakmead school and Winkler’s publishers.

Events co-ordinator at Waterstone’s bookshop at Castlepoint shopping centre, Katherine Jennings said: “We are very excited that Henry Winkler is coming to Bournemouth; it’s brilliant that he is going to talk to Oakmead’s students. We can take reservations for signed copies of his books for those who are unable to meet him on the day.”


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