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Bournemouth University student volunteering for mum

A Bournemouth student who saw his mum’s struggle with aggressive bowel cancer, will be working as a volunteer at this year’s Race for Life in both Bournemouth and Poole.

26 year old Cameron Johnson will be volunteering with a team of other men and women who will oversee the events to make sure that they go smoothly.

He will be helping at the popular fundraising events in Bournemouth on Sunday 17th June and Sunday 24th June in Poole Park. He is also hoping to help at the events in Southampton and Winchester.

Business student Cameron signed up as a volunteers after is Mum was diagnosed with bowel cancer. Sally had to have chemotherapy and undergo surgery to have the diseased area of her bowel removed.

Cameron said: “It was a bit of a shock for the whole family and as I am the oldest I tried to look after the family, going back to Eastbourne as much as I could.

“My mum is OK and because it was a quick developing one they managed to put her through the treatment.

“Six months ago the doctors said she was clear and everything appears fine. She has to go back every six months for a check-up.”

Cameron added: “I now want to give something back and would like to encourage others to sign up to Race for Life or put their name down as a volunteer – it is all for a good cause.”

If you would like to take part in this year’s Race for Life visit raceforlife.org.

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