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Bournemouth’s homeless offered haircuts by Parley hairdresser

A charitable hairdresser in Bournemouth has spoken of her work cutting the hair of the city’s homeless.

Sue Scott, owner of Tandem Hair in Parley, volunteers at St Paul’s Shelter in Bournemouth every six weeks to trim and shave those who cannot afford to have it done elsewhere.

Sue, along with other members of her team, spends a few hours on Sunday mornings providing haircuts and beard trims.

She was encouraged to help when she saw an advert asking for volunteers around Christmas time. At the time she was unable to give up working hours to help but now she can.

Sue said: “I was really touched the girls said they would come and help me. They are giving up their time as well.

“We cover about 20-30 people each time we come in. It’s usually very steady. Most of them just want their head shaved or a quick trim so it’s easy to manage.”

Nicola Urch, who was getting a haircut, said: “It’s a nice thing to have done – especially by professionals. I shaved it myself as I got impatient so they’ve tidied it up for me. A lot of us can’t afford to pay so it’s good work they are doing.”

Dan Vaughan added: “It is a good idea. They are good to give up their time for free.”

The homeless shelter is managed by Bournemouth Churches Housing Association (BCHA).

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