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Gaga-rdening in Bournemouth

A horticulturalist has taken inspiration from an unusual source for a topiary two metre high shoe.

Agrumi, a horticultural specialist, looked to Lady Gaga for the stiletto, after seeing the star wearing some sky high heels. The piece was commissioned by traders in St Christopher’s Place in London after Lady Gaga was seen leaving a shoe shop in nine-inch heels.

The unusual purchase encouraged the West End traders to commemorate the visit from the pop star with a giant replica of the songstress’ shoes. It was created for the St Christopher’s Place festival of fashion and flowers and acted as a centerpiece for the festival.

Agrumi created the eye catching piece in just two weeks and instead of using the usual box or privet, they used star jasmine to create a pretty flowering effect.

The most difficult part for Agrumi was transported the shoe to London. The shoe, which has  a 1.3m stiletto heel and a 70cm platform was not the easiest thing to navigate into the narrow entrance of the square. During’s its journey to the capital, the shoe was also stuck in a 10 mile tailback on the M25 and got lost due to confusing directions from a sat nav. But apart from all of that, getting the shoe there was easy!

The founder of Agrumi, Stanley Jackson said: “It was a tall order, but I knew we could do it. In the past we’ve designed and built topiary dinosaurs, Ryder Cup golfers, a giant chess set and even a model of HMS Victory, so a shoe was no problem. However, the timescale was extremely tight.”

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