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Portland Redball UK arts project

Visitors flocked to Portland to get a glimpse of a giant inflatable ball on its last day in the borough.

The 15ft RedBall UK art project has ended its tour of the Bournemouth area on a high in Chiswell yesterday.

The giant ball was lodged on a walled area next to the Cove House Inn and had spent the previous by Weymouth Esp-lanade.

Mandy Broughton-South, Cove House co-licensee, said: “It went really well, quite a few people came to have a look at it. It was quite exciting.

“Because of the wind factor people were taking pictures from behind it.

“They were coming into the pub and having a look through the window, a lot of people said it was a clever idea and that it was funny.

“It definitely brought up a lot of interest.”

Quiddles Café at Chesil Cove owner Risa Richie, said: “I popped out to see it but couldn’t for long as we were so busy.

“We had a few people in who had come specifically to see the ball, they seemed to enjoy it.

“Looking down the prom from here it looked to be popular, people were talking about it.

“It’s a nice idea and seems to draw people to it.”

Roy Lacey, of the Beach House bed and breakfast in Bournemouth said: “I wouldn’t pay to go and see it but it was a bit of fun.

“It was definitely an attraction, I was amazed by how many people had come to have a look at it.

“I think it looked better in Weymouth town centre among the buildings as having the sea behind it made it look smaller.”

Artist Kurt Perschke, who is from New York, was thrilled with the response that his RedBall UK project in Wey-mouth and Portland has had.

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