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RHS Garden Hyde Hall

The Hyde Hall estate is spread over 360 acres of arable and cultivated land. It is a wonderful visitor experience in any season and allows visitors to forget the bustle of daily existence among the verdant blooms and landscaped lawns. Hyde Hall Garden is located in a part of Essex that is very dry, windy and has a low annual rainfall. In this context, the luxurious greenery that abounds in Hyde Hall is a strong testament to the planning and care that has gone into its creation and maintenance.

The Royal Horticultural Society Garden Hyde Hall, Chelmsford goes back to 1955. When the original owners’, Dr and Mrs Robinson set foot on the land, there were just six trees struggling to survive on a windswept hill. The hill was mainly of gravel and the sides had a clayey soil that did not look promising for a garden.

After clearing the area of all the rubbish that had been dumped there for years, the Robinsons’ used traditional techniques used by organic farmers today – using manure and natural fertilizer to turn the clay into rich soil. They planted the herb and vegetable garden and then moved on to plant trees and flowers.

Today, RHS Garden Hyde Hall is a transformed place, lush with seasonal flowers, renewing its splendour with new plants that are a visual delight. The farmhouse, dating from the 18th century, has a pavement garden, planted around a 16th Century brick floor, uncovered during excavation work.

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