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“The Best Job In The World”

Working as the official photographer for Manchester City Football Club is “the best job in the world” according to Sharon Latham.

She says the job ranges from the “sublime to the ridiculous” and involves “having to get the players to do the most obscure things to get unusual shots”.

Sharon, 34, is the club’s first full-time official photographer. She was appointed in 2010 after being discovered through her work for the Manchester International Festival.

After a battle with cancer and then a serious car accident, Sharon had lost her confidence and was volunteering as a photographer for the festival in an aim to kick-start her career. This led to work at non-league club AFC Liverpool  and then the job at Manchester City.

She says: “I do everything from Match of the Day pictures to PR shots of the players, community events organised by the club and photographs for the Manchester City magazine.

“One day I can be taking pictures at a hospital of children and players and the next day be in the rain pitch-side, then taking pictures of players in Armani clothes on the catwalk.

“My pictures can be seen in magazines and newspapers around the world.

“I absolutely love my job.”

She believes volunteer work is a great thing to put on a CV and recommends it to anyone out there looking for a job.

She says volunteering at the Manchester International Festival was also a great way to meet new people and have new experiences.


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