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Peregrine Falcons “Tweet” On Twitter

A family of peregrine falcons in Manchester have nearly 200 followers on Twitter, thanks to technology that is recording their every move.

They are the first birds to have their own account at the blogging site, thanks to the RSPB and the Manchester Digital Development Agency.

The pair of peregrine falcons has returned to the city centre for the fifth time, and this year they have hatched four chicks.

A webcam has been set up to record movements in the nest. When movement is detected, the camera records the action and then uploads it to a Twitter account.

Joanna Keene, the RSPB’s Manchester people engagement officer, said: “Following the peregrines on Twitter is a great way of catching some of the best action from the nest. With four hungry, fast-growing chicks there is rarely a dull moment.”

Alan Holding of Manchester Digital Development Agency (MDDA) added: “To help give the peregrines a voice, RSPB staff supplied us with some phrases to use for the tweets, and we used a simple computer program to select a random phrase to use when they tweet.

“We’re proud of our work on this project as we know it’s made a big impact on the people of Manchester and has also helped the RSPB reach a global audience with limited resources.”

Birdwatchers can also use telescopes and binoculars to see the peregrines flying above the city centre every day. They are also shown on a big screen in Manchester’s Exchange Square at lunchtimes on selected days.


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