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We Love MCR charity raises £150k

The We Love MCR charity that was founded after the riots in Manchester and Salford has raised an amazing £150,000 in its first two months.

The charity was set up to encourage the overwhelming community spirit that was seen after the violence and disorder of the riots.

The money has only been donated since late October but they have already raised an ‘astonishing’ amount. The money that has been raised will be used to help fight poverty throughout Manchester.

Fundraising chairman for We Love MCR, Chris Bird, said in terms of money and manpower donated by companies, the amount raised was more than £150,000.

Mr Bird said: “We’ve been really taken aback by the level of support, especially from the business community. We’ve received so much support in cash, in man hours, and in products from companies.”

The I Love MCR campaign first started two days after the riots on the 9th and 10th August. It was inspired by all of the volunteers who gave up their time and energy to clean up the Manchester streets after all of the disorder. Volunteers and city centre firms all worked together to help clean up the chaos and help businesses get back on their feet.

The success of all of the events following the riots persuaded the Lord Mayor of Manchester’s Charity Appeal Trust to change its name to We Love MCR.

Celebrities from the local area including Coronation Street actresses Sacha Parkinson and Brooke Vincent, Freddie Flintoff and Sir Alex Ferguson lent their support.

Pat Karney, the council’s city centre spokesman, said: “It’s an astonishing amount to raise in such a short time, and shows how our Greater Manchester family, even in these hard times, are keen to give help to others.”


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