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Super slimmer loses 10 stone

Super slimmer Becky Edwards says her life has changed dramatically after losing a staggering 10 stone in just over 15 months.

Becky, 30, from Cannock, could not even fit behind the wheel of a car before losing the weight, and is now able to learn to drive for the first time.

The mum-of-two began her weight loss programme after being ashamed that she could not fit into a theme park ride.

She dropped from 25 stone to just over 15 stone by cutting down her portion sizes and doing more walking. She joined a local slimming club to help her with her weight loss campaign.

Becky said: “I was at Drayton Manor Park and I couldn’t fit on to the ride, it was just embarrassing. I still eat chocolate and crisps, I just have less and cook things differently. I also do a lot of walking now.

“I know it sounds silly, but before I struggled to get in to the bath, so it’s nice to be able to do that now.

“It will be so nice to walk down the beach not feeling embarrassed, and I can run around after my son and daughter now.”

Becky, who has a daughter Lilly-May, five, and son Harry, aged two, was already trying to lose weight before her final push, and has lost a total of 17 stone over four years.

She is planning to lose another two stone and says when she reaches that milestone she will get her belly-button pierced.


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