The nation waits…


Much of the UK is agog with bated breath. No, it’s not to find out who will win the forthcoming election, but instead to find out who will be the newest member of the royal family.

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Change the tune or change your campaign?

Downing Street

The Green Party released an election broadcast this week entitled ‘Change the tune’ which showcased…

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Don’t try this at home


A fascinating story I read this week should definitely come with a health warning: don’t try this at home. A woman has told her story online of how she developed amazing mental abilities and memory following a skiing accident.

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Let’s put some fun into voting!


A story about peculiar polling stations this week got me thinking – why do they nearly always have to be in dreary and dusty village halls?

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A little sunshine is good for the soul


It’s amazing the affect a little sunshine can have on the soul. This week, as temperatures sneak towards the twenties, the spots of sun we have been enjoying have been celebrated with the casting-off of woollens, hanging washing on the line outside and the advent of sunglasses and fake-tan.

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