James Foley: a life in words


James Foley’s death has been infamously distributed by Islamic State (Isis) militants online, but it is his life as a passionate journalist that this article is concerned with.

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The £80 million loom band take-over

loom bands

Walking through the streets of any city at the minute it’s impossible to take more than a few steps without seeing a loom band, so it’s hard not to wonder what about this new craze has caught everyone’s attention?

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The bubble tea revolution

Bubble Tea

A quiet revolution is happening as we speak. So quiet that readers of this blog may be wholly unaware of it.  Or maybe you’re someone who keeps up with every trend that’s sweeping the nation and…

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England’s Rugby World Cup champions celebrated


England’s recent women’s rugby union dominance was brought to a peak on Sunday August 17 when a victory against Canada secured the world cup for the first time in 20 years.

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Kate Bush and the iPhone controversy

Phone at concerts KB

Singer Kate Bush is making headlines before even stepping on stage for the first time in a long while thanks to her unusual requests.

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