Your house and mine on the new Minecraft map


If you haven’t heard of the computer game Minecraft yet, well, you must have been living in an alternative world to mine.

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A War Horse Rewarded


Warrior, the resilient and heroic horse that served in the First World War and inspired the movie “War Horse”, has been awarded the highest medal for animal bravery. The story of Warrior has thrilled and inspired people around the world for over half a century culminating in the Spielberg film and finally the award ceremony on September 2nd, 2014.

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Are lessons in cooking and finance key to a healthy, wealthy young generation?

Cookery lessons

Shakespeare and Latin are being brought more into focus by changes in the national curriculum, but many parents argue that life skills such as cooking and finances should come before Capulets and facultas.

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Happy Huntrodds Day


September the 19th is Huntrodds Day, a celebration of coincidence and of a husband and wife who were both born on September the 19th 1600, married on that day and then died on the same day in 1680 within five hours of each other.

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Kate Bush and the iPhone controversy

Phone at concerts KB

Singer Kate Bush is making headlines before even stepping on stage for the first time in a long while thanks to her unusual requests.

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