The ‘selfie’ obsession goes on…

selfie stick

In 2014 it could be said the word of the year, depressingly, was ‘selfie’.

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Dungarees are back – but for how long?


Dungarees, overalls, call them what you will, are making a comeback on the streets of Britain.

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Disappointing Black Spider Memos

Prince Charles

There was great excitement on the eve of the publication of the Black Spider Memos this week.

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Setting tails and tongues wagging in Oz

Johnny Depp

A nation has gone barking mad over two stowaway pups who joined their American-based A-list owners in Australia without showing their passpaws or applying for a visa.

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When I grow up I want to be…a Princess!


OK, the wait is over, we’ve seen the new baby, seen the post-birth glamour and seen the smiles plastering the faces of many a royal (with exception of the Queen, who managed a firm ‘not displeased’ face – which is as good as a beaming grin from her Maj).

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