Braigo: A thirteen year old genius revolutionises Braille


If you cross the word Braille with Lego you get the word Braigo and if you cross the need for a cheap Braille printer with an incredibly intelligent thirteen year old entering a high school science competition you get Braigo Labs, the company started by US teenager, Shubham Banerjee.

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Jeff Koons: High earning high artist with a low profile

Jeff Koons

The works of Jeff Koons are worth more than those of any other living artist, and in the modern, extravagant world that is saying a lot. 

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#Revolution: Ferguson, Cameron and Twitter unrest


The potential for Twitter and Facebook to bring together those who are unhappy with society and give them a platform to voice their anger has always been apparent.

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Britain’s first national sperm bank

Sperm Bank

Britain’s first national sperm bank has opened at Birmingham Women’s Hospital with a mission to make it easier for couples and single parents seeking donor sperm.

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Can you feeeeel it?

Music vibrations

More than 40 years after Slade told us to ‘come on feel the noise’ two British innovators are making sure that we can.

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