Try a holiday 40 light years away


Fancy a trip to Planet Hop – voted best “hab zone” vacation within 12 parsecs of Earth.

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The fridge or not the fridge – that is the question


Where do you stand on the great fridge debate? Should your tomato sauce be kept in the fridge, or in the cupboard?

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10 a day? No way

Fruit and veg

For years I have tried religiously to eat five portions of fruit and veg a day (with varying levels of success), so I nearly fell off my chair when I read that we are now being encouraged to eat 10 portions!

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Doris really isn’t as friendly as she sounds


Doris seems like too sweet a name for the wind that is threatening to pull my garden fence down at the moment.

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A tweeting bin, what next?


I have heard of cats, dogs and snakes with Twitter accounts and even inanimate objects such as the Mars Curiosity rover – but the latest takes the biscuit: bins.

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