Driverless cars will be on our roads in under six months

Driverless cars

The British government has announced that driverless cars will be legally allowed on public roads from January next year.

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Global movies put British literature in the spotlight

Harry Potter 2

It was recently announced that since 2014 British literature has been the basis of 40 per cent of the world’s top grossing films worldwide. 

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The £80 million loom band take-over

loom bands

Walking through the streets of any city at the minute it’s impossible to take more than a few steps without seeing a loom band, so it’s hard not to wonder what about this new craze has caught everyone’s attention?

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Jeep and Cheerful

Dame Vera Lynn

Well, they knew how to have a good time back in the 40s without lots of money or newfangled gadgets … and it seems that at least one of them still does today, seven decades later.

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Opening up the computer gaming world

Computer Games

Yesterday evening I was wandering through a forest considering finding somewhere to spend the night while trying to keep the zombies at bay, when I suddenly started thinking about how computer games had changed over the past two decades.

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