Sub-zero temperatures to bring Britain to annual snow halt

Heavy snow

Just when we thought we’d experienced the extent of the cold already, the weather decides to turn a little bleaker.

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Just how good are the new Star Wars films?

It is a great time for Star Wars fans

JJ Abrams is doing a cracking job of the new Star Wars films.

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Pyjama police strike again


It’s reared its ugly head again, the great heated debate on whether it is acceptable to go to a supermarket in your night wear.

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Where’s my keys, where’s my phone?

lost keys

Ever found yourself patting and fumbling through every pocket in your coat to find your keys or your phone?

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Diet drinks may be just as bad…

Sugar free

I don’t always welcome ‘latest reports’ into what we should and shouldn’t be drinking and eating, but I have to admit, a recent study into diet drinks was very interesting.

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