Food waste facts have made me freezer frenzied

Stop Wasting Food

How much food do you throw away each week? Probably more than you think, according to research.

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Beware of textwalking

Texting while driving

It seems using a mobile phone is becoming increasingly dangerous in today’s world.

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Oh I do like to hear the British seaside


Don’t you just love the British seaside? Just thinking about it conjures up many memories and feelings of nostalgia: thoughts of fish and chips, cowering in the rain, trying to skim pebbles in the sea etc. So what a great idea to record its sounds for a new project.

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From tiny gig to tented city – Glastonbury


I’m showing my age now, but I remember the days when you could wake up on the Friday morning of Glastonbury Festival, decide with some friends that you fancied going (especially if the weather was good!) pop down to your local record store (remember records?), grab a ticket and head off!

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Let’s have more four-legged celebrities


Even if you’re not a cat lover, you’ll surely be moved by the recent story of Tama the cat – elevated from a stray moggy to the status of goddess in Japan after being credited with single handedly (or single pawed) saving a local railway line.

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