Don’t forget to say thank you!

Thank You

With so much bad and negative news to read on a daily basis, it’s lovely when one of those really positive stories comes along.  This week was the story of the cashier in Morrisons who helped a mum and her two blind and autistic daughters at the till.

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Everything’s a haggle these days


Have you noticed how there doesn’t seem to be a fixed price for things these days?

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Bin, charity shop or loft?

yard sale

Just when I thought it was safe to have a good clear out, a story appears in the news about a Dinky toy collection that has sold for £150k at an auction!

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Football crazy


The score posters are Blu-Tacked to the wall, the flags are up and, once again, a minority of hooligans are attempting to sabotage the fun.

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Don’t let the tech do all our talking

Robot hand

I find it a sad day when robots are put in place of real humans in a role that involves interaction with other humans.

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