Money can’t buy me love …not yet anyway

Fall in love

Are you short of a bit of willpower every now and then?

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Magic Beans


Full of vitamins, minerals and cancer-fighting properties, the humble chickpea is one of the cheapest sources of protein and a store cupboard staple worldwide. 

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Now you can chat with your cat

Talking cat

Ever wondered what your pet would say to you if it could talk? Of course you have.  Well, now you can find out (sort of) thanks to the world’s first talking cat collar.

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Don’t forget to say thank you!

Thank You

With so much bad and negative news to read on a daily basis, it’s lovely when one of those really positive stories comes along.

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The Art of Deception

Zebra crossing

A 1998 study in Sweden revealed that rather than braking when approaching a zebra crossing, motorists were more likely to maintain their speed or in some cases actually accelerate towards it.

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