Charlie Brown and Snoopy – still looking good at 65


Snoopy is no doubt one of the most recognisable little dogs in the world, while his owner Charlie Brown is surely the most familiar ’round headed kid’ around.

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Feminism in Westminster

Harriet Harman

Deputy leader of the Labour Party, Harriet Harman defied Commons convention by wearing a charity t-shirt to Prime Minister’s Questions. 

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Petrol could drop to under £1 per litre


Recent falls in worldwide oil prices have combined with competition between supermarkets to bring petrol prices down to their lowest value since 2010, with more price cuts to come.  As traditional supermarkets face competition from budget shops such as Aldi and Lidl, it has been suggested that a litre of fuel could soon cost as little as £1 or even less.  

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Britain’s first national sperm bank

Sperm Bank

Britain’s first national sperm bank has opened at Birmingham Women’s Hospital with a mission to make it easier for couples and single parents seeking donor sperm.

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Horrifying haunted Hallowe’en hotspots


To celebrate Hallowe’en, we’ve gathered together some of the scariest and most haunted places in the UK to make up a rogues gallery of macabre locations.

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