Hugh’s thought for food

Food waste

We are all guilty of throwing away food. That furry piece of cheese hidden away in the back of the fridge; a few mouldy carrots; the scraps from the Sunday roast you just can’t face on Tuesday.

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vive la difference


It’s a strange relationship we have with the French. Mistrust here, some begrudging admiration there.  Of course each of us thinks we rule the roost in this part of the world, whether it’s over food or sport.  

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Give your middle-aged brain a workout

Brain training

There’s never been a better time to be in your 50s. If you’ve a firm footing on the property ladder and been in a decent job most of your working life, then you can look forward to a rosy retirement.

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The snarling face of Britain today

Angry Driver

The other day, in the space of just 30 minutes, two minor incidents summed up what a nasty nation we have become.

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Health warning! Don’t grow up on the wrong street

Good Health

It was genuinely shocking to read that good health can vary by a staggering 25 years – within the same borough.

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