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Fossils move to Natural History Museum

Unique fossils found in Llandrindod Wells have been given a new home in London’s Natural History Museum.

The unusual fossils were found in the disused Llanfawr quarry in the town and after being studied by scientists, they were found to be a very rare discovery.

The remarkable find was made in 2004 using specialist X-ray equipment, but the details have only just been announced after scientists studied them and realised their significance.

The fossils are thought to be more than 450 million years old and show a variety of ancient ocean creatures from what is known as the Ordovician Period. The fossils include sponges, worms and creatures known as nautiloids and solitary hydroids.

Dr Muir, a researcher at the Nanjing Institute of Geology and Palaeontology in China, said: “”There was an ocean between Scotland and England/Wales, and Wales was much further south than it is now.

“The area around Llandrindod was part of a chain of volcanic islands during the Ordovician Period, a little bit like Indonesia today.

“As the island grew and was eroded, a lot of sediment was washed into the sea. This sediment buried animal remains quickly, and in some cases buried them alive, so they didn’t fall apart or get eaten.

“It is one of the most astonishing fossils ever found in Wales. We took some slabs of rock back to the Natural History Museum, and one of my colleagues suggested X-raying them.”

The Llanfawr quarry is an area well known for its fossils.

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