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Bands play for baby charity

Local bands have got behind a campaign to raise money and awareness for ill babies.

Mad Mods and Englishmen and Bighead signed up to take part in a charity concert at the beginning of June after hearing the story of one grieving mum.

The concert is part of a campaign to raise money for Emily’s Star, a charity set up in memory of baby Emily Elizabeth, who died at just 26 days old.

Mum Katie Elmer, 26, set up the charity to help other babies like her daughter who are born with the genetic syndrome Trisomy 18, also known as Edwards.

Katie wants to raise awareness of the syndrome and also raise money for nurses who look after sick children, after being so impressed with the nursing staff who helped her care for Emily at home during her short life.

She said: “Edwards, or Trisomy 18, is the second most common syndrome after Down’s Syndrome but if you ask people if they’ve ever heard of it they say no. If you ask if they’ve heard of Down’s Syndrome they say yes.

“I thought I was walking alone but setting up Emily’s Star has put me in contact with other people who have gone through the same as I have.

“Emily’s Star has helped Emily to live on but it’s also helped me a lot.”

Dylan Jeavons, who organised the charity concert, said: “Katie is my daughter’s best friend so as soon as I found out what was going on I offered our services.”


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