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What does ‘shabby chic’ mean?

Shabby chic has become an increasingly popular term in furniture – but what exactly does it mean?The short answer is that it means beautiful and classical.

The long answer is that it can mean many things – distressed furniture, antique style furniture, contemporary, ornamental, unique, stylish, unusual, traditional, elegant and so much more.

Shabby chic furniture is a way of creating certain looks for the rooms in your home – you can give your dining room a rustic feel, turn your bedroom into a place of tranquillity and splendour or create a refined style for your living room.

The shabby chic look doesn’t have to be created using expensive antiques. Home furniture experts such as Crown French Furniture in Nottingham provide affordable pieces such as dining sets and dressers in this style.

Popular colours for the shabby chic furniture range include antique white and distressed/aged turquoise.

When you place a piece of shabby chic furniture in your home, it seems to have a clever way of automatically making a statement. It speaks character and finesse, creates warmth and cosiness, yet taste and refinement at the same time. Not many pieces of furniture can manage to do all this at once!

You may wonder how shabby chic furniture will fit into your home – after all, not many people have the liberty of replacing all their furniture at the same time. But this style is surprisingly versatile. With a bit of advice from furniture experts, you can easily choose the right piece of furniture to fit in with the rest of your décor.

For shabby chic furniture in Nottingham choose Crown French Furniture.


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