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Children embark on huge tree project

Children have been investigating mankind’s relationship to trees as part of a major arts project to celebrate London 2012.

The huge Tree of Light Project is being run across Henley, Oxford, Reading and Windsor and will culminate in a performance in South Park, Oxford, in July, to mark the Olympic Torch’s visit to the city.

Tree Inspiration Workshops have been taking place in the city. Activities have included seeing the world from a tree’s point of view after arboriculturist Luke Tamblyn scaled a sycamore armed with a tree cam.

In Creative Response Workshops, children have been working with theatre specialists, film-makers, dance artists and storytellers to translate their thoughts and feelings about trees into works of art.

Students at Wood Green School were among those to take part in the workshops.

One pupil said: “I really enjoyed it! All the feelings and thoughts made me really at home in the woods. I thought the experience of filming and being creative and the drama, in fact the whole day, was amazing! I wish we could go back and do it all again.”

The Tree of Light show in Oxford will include around 600 young people of different ages, who will perform around a central Tree of Light sculptured work of art.

A spokesperson for the project said: “The piece tells an epic tale from the long life of a mythical tree. It’s a story of a forest born, inhabited and invaded. The forest thrives, is attacked, plundered, burned and reborn.

“A sonic feast for the senses – full of drama, excitement and joy. It is an exuberant and highly physical celebration of the natural world and of our part in it.”


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