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Elvis act to wear the real deal

An Elvis tribute act will wear an outfit made by The King’s tailor in Los Angeles when he performs his next charity concert.

Paul Rouse, 48, will wear the sparkling outfit made by Gene Doucette when he puts on the show at The Hexagon, in Reading, in July.

Paul, who regularly performs his Elvis tribute act, is organising the concert to raise money for the Royal Berkshire Hospital’s Robbie the Robot Appeal.

The appeal is to raise £1.2 million so the hospital can afford to keep its da Vinci robot, used for keyhole surgery.

The state-of-the-art equipment is used for prostrate, kidney and bladder operations and is also used by the hospital’s gynaecology department but is very expensive to run.

Paul said: “I always do a donation for charity from my shows. It’s my eighth year at The Hexagon and it has been very good. It’s a great night. Reading has been very, very good to us, we’ve raised thousands of pounds for various charities over the years.”

Mark Goff, director of the Royal Berks Charity that is running the Robbie the Robot Appeal, said: “It’s when people in the community say, ‘I’m going to do something for you’ that if everybody did that, if everyone did something about something they saw that wasn’t right, we would be world class.

“We’re one of the best as it is – let’s make it world class.

“Please go along and support Paul. It’s win-win. The more we can find ways to engage local people and local businesses the better. It just means that everybody benefits.”


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