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Teen loses locks for charity

Teenager Charlie Anderson has raised thousands of pounds for charity after having his trademark curls cut off in a school assembly.

Charlie, 16, had a full head of unruly curls before the big trim in front of fellow pupils at Freman College, in Buntingford.

The youngster, from Wyddial, has raised more than £3,200 with the haircut in memory of his cousin-in-law Kevin Bilton, who died from a brain tumour.

All the money raised will go to Brain Tumour Buddies, a charity that helped Kevin before his death in February.

Charlie chose to have his hair cut for the charity because Kevin had always teased him about his long locks.

Charlie said: “Although a cure for cancer is a long way off, I think the care a patient gets whilst ill is just as important as a cure, especially if it’s the last few years of their life.

“BT Buddies were there for Kevin and I wanted to do my bit and pay them back for all their hard work, so they can continue to help others in the future.”

Charlie’s sister Tilly, 14, is now planning to dye her hair red and white to raise money the charity,

Their mum Penny said: “My nephew was diagnosed with a brain tumour three years ago and we have always been very close to him.

“My family come from the north east of England, where growing your hair long is just not done, and Kevin used to rib Charlie about it, calling him a southern softie.”


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