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Green boiler heats 13 homes

Waste wood pellets are heating water for 13 homes in Yeovil thanks to a cutting-edge biomass boiler.

The state-of-the-art technology is being used to heat homes at a new development on the site of the town’s former glove factory.

The 150kw boiler heats water in a large buffer tank. Each property then has a metered heat exchanger so residents are not responsible for maintaining the boiler, only their heat exchanger.

The project has been led by developers Zero C in partnership with South Somerset District Council and Yeovil Vision, running alongside Yeovil Country Park.

Yeovil MP David Laws switched on the boiler when it was unveiled in November alongside an exhibition about the technology.

He said: “I am delighted that Zero C, Yeovil Vision and South Somerset District Council are leading the way in developing this important new green technology.

“It’s also great to see that there is an exhibition of the technology so that others may learn about it.”

Cllr Tony Fife, area south chairman for South Somerset District Council, added: “We wanted to create a real asset for this area of town, shaped by community consultation.

“Here we have an excellent example of green construction somewhere where so many visitors and residents of Yeovil can see and learn from it.”

The homes also have solar thermal roof panels for hot water, ‘super insulation’, photovoltaic electricity panels and greywater recycling. One of the homes has been announced as one of the first in the country to meet the UK’s highest sustainability levels, because it is effectively self-sufficient for energy.

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