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How your choice of carpet can affect your entire home

The colour, thickness and type of carpet you go for can completely define your home.

When you choose the carpet for you, you shouldn’t think lightly about the possibilities.

Neutral colours tend to be the best one to go for because they accentuate other features in your home and give your property a sense of more space.

Cream or lighter colours can help brighten a room but can get messy easily, so they may not always be the best bet if you have a dog or if you are an outdoorsy-type and you’re likely to tread mud back in.

The thickness of your carpet is also important to consider. A carpet that is too thick can stop you being able to open and close doors properly but they provide a lot of comfort on your feet. Likewise, a carpet that is too thin can feel like you are simply walking on concrete. Finding the right level can make a huge difference to the comfort of your home.

Choosing the right carpet is an important decision, and this is why you need to find a floor and carpet expert that can provide exactly what you want.

Experience is the key, but most carpet fitters will help measure your rooms to ensure your carpet fits to perfection. There is nothing worse than a carpet that doesn’t fit the room right or has rolls in it through not being flattened properly!

There is no shortage in terms of style when it comes to your carpet. From karndean and Amtico to wooden floors, laminate and vinyls, different rooms may require different solutions. Getting a second opinion from an expert may be no bad thing if you are undecided on what to do.

It all depends on your budget and style of course, but make sure you get the decision on your carpets and flooring right, because it can be expensive to rectify!

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