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Diamond drilling and why it can be your best friend

Diamonds are a substance that have fascinated people for decades, if not hundreds of years.

The size of the diamond is often seen as an indicator of wealth, with many people fawning over how beautiful diamonds can be.

Shirley Bassey even sung a song about them in the famous James Bond film Diamonds Are Forever.

They are as sought after as money is, and are among the most valuable substances known on Planet Earth.

People give them as expensive gifts, steal them from jewellers and even fight and die for them as they have provided crucial currency for insurgents fighting wars. In this context, they are more commonly known as blood diamonds or conflict diamonds.

However, diamonds are not just expensive jewellery for the rich. They have far more practical uses for everybody’s day to day lives.


Diamond Drilling 


Diamonds are the hardest naturally occurring material in the world. This is why they are perfect for drilling holes into concrete, metal and glass as they can cut through these objects precisely.

Diamond drilling means greater depths can be explored and it tries to be as non-invasive as possible so that there is no fuss or mess when you are working on a project.

This type of drilling is extremely flexible, which means your options are virtually unlimited, and it is a fast and effective way of getting your drilling project off the ground.

Working with such a powerful tool means that you need to employ a company that has the proper credentials and qualifications before you bring them on board.

From new builds to demolitions, diamond drilling is a fantastic way to get any holes drilled because the precision means that the chances of structural integrity failing is minimal.

It is even quiet and doesn’t produce a lot of dust, which means your neighbours will be grateful!

Diamond drilling really is the way forward for your construction project, so why not give it a try?

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