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School Mums Get A Step Ahead

A group of school mums decided to really go the extra mile to raise money for school funds.

The mums’ race at sports day just wasn’t a big enough challenge for the five women, who decided to train for the Bristol Half Marathon instead.

Nicola Marshall, Maxine Phillips, Clare Plaster, Francesca Eady and Cara Eady, who all have children at the Cheddar Grove Primary School, in Bristol, could not even run around the school field when they decided to put their names down for the 13.1-mile race in the city in September.

Michael Haylock, 48, whose daughter also goes to the school, said: “”We were asked to think of ways to raise money for the school and I thought the Bristol Half Marathon would be a good idea. I’ve done the London Marathon a couple of times so I thought I could help with training. I had five mums come back to me and say they were interested – none of them had done any running before.

“These ladies could not run round a school football pitch to start with but after three weeks of training I thought they were ready for road running. We started with two miles and have built up to four miles, I can see that not only their fitness level has increased but also they have grown more confident. All five have said they feel so much better in life for the training they’re doing. I’m very proud of each of them.”

The 2010 Bristol Half Marathon will be the 23rd year for the event. A total of 17,000 runners are expected to take part. It is organised by Bristol City Council.

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