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Youth group is saved

A youth club has been saved from closure thanks to a grant and a donation.

The JusB group, in Bromley, is safe for 2012 following news of a £10,000 grant from the Big Lottery Fund.

The group has been running for nine years and provides help and support for troubled young people aged between 11 and 23 in the Bromley area.

The group is also celebrating after receiving funding for a three-day summer programme from 95.8 Capital FM.

The funding will allow JusB to provide young people with the opportunity to take part in adventure activities such as rock climbing, high ropes and raft building.

Project manager Ned McWhirter said: “Small charities like ours have highs and lows. This is definitely good news for the people of Bromley.

“Preventing young people from getting into trouble pays. It benefits young people and it benefits society as a whole. A big thank you to everyone who has and is currently supporting us.

“We are grateful to everyone who supported us and we will be faithful with the money ensuring that it is wisely spent in continuing to support more young people in and around the Bromley area.”

The group’s ethos is to help young people develop their identity and self-esteem; avoid involvement in crime and anti-social behaviour; discover new skills and talents; and live in harmony within their local community.

It takes £156,000 per year for JusB to provide its services. The group also raises money through charity events and collection tins in local businesses.


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