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Cardiff city centre water-ski and wakeboard park planned

New plans have been revealed for a water-ski and wakeboard park in Cardiff City Centre.
A 735-metre-long cable-tow water ski system is to be built at the East Bute Dock next to Butetown’s Atlantic Wharf housing development.

The 153 year old dock was once the centre of South Wales’ industrial revolution and is currently being used occasionally for water events like dragon boat racing.

Cardiff Bay Wakeboarding put in the planning application and it is hoped that if it is all approved, the facility could be open as soon as next March.

Operations director of the wakeboarding association, Gareth Stevenson, is a wakeboarding enthusiast and said that the proposed development will be the first city centre water-ski park in the world.

Gareth also said that the area’s accessibility, nearby transport links, quality of the water and shelter from the wind made it the perfect location.

He said:  “Being in the city centre people will be able to turn-up in whatever they are wearing, hire the equipment, have a session and then go on with their day.

“We will be able to run nine people at one time and it’s far cheaper and more accessible than skiing behind a boat. Anybody can have a go, as long as you have the strength to hold onto the cable.”

The plan is for skiers to be taken on a three lap ride of the circuit at 18 miles per hour with options for more advanced wakeboarders.

It will be open from late March until the end of October every year and will be suitable for beginners and experienced skiers. Children as young as nine will be able to have a go.

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