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Award-Winning Cake-Maker After Quitting Smoking

Thirty-four-year-old Michelle Moffat has proven her baking skills with only 18 months worth of practice. The mother of three from Rockcliffe in Cumbria has seen her new business take off and has now been making three to four cakes a week through orders on Facebook.

She has already proved that there is nothing she can’t turn into a cake, after showing off her skills with toadstools, darts boards, handbags, hair straighteners, an iPod, Eeyore and R2D2 gracing her cakes.

Michelle won More Than Mummies best cake competition with the Star Wars  cake that she made for her son Tony’s seventh birthday

She said: “I stopped smoking 18 months ago and was looking for a distraction. We’ve got hens and, before I knew it, I was baking [with the eggs]. I’ll have a go at turning anything into a cake. The bigger the challenge the better! There’s nothing better than starting baking and seeing what you have managed to do. I’m having a ball!”

She has been using Facebook to advertise her cakes and she already has over 600 people on her company’s page.

“I wanted to build it up [on Facebook] and see how it went. I don’t have any plans at the moment to look for premises or anything like that, I’ll keep doing it from home, but who knows what will happen in the future? I’ve got two children at school – Tony and Shelby, aged 10 – and a two-year-old son Dylan at home but once he’s at school full-time things could change.”

Michelle is completely self taught went it comes to cake decoration and said: “I didn’t realise I could do this [until I did]. The first one I did was my daughter’s and now I’m always covered in flour!”

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