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Overweight Youngsters Programme

The Overweight Youngsters Programme is the programme created by Darlington Borough Council to help overweight youngsters with their health and fitness and wellbeing. Their motto is ‘The M.E.N.D….Mind, exercise, nutrition…Do it!’ and it is a fantastic scheme mainly focused on 13 year olds and their parents.

The programme has been directed at children who are overweight for their age. They use a fun and hands on way to involve the children in learning how to live healthily and eat a balanced diet. This is done through the use of games and activities such as trips to the supermarket, recipe tasting evenings, nutrition sessions plus different ways to enforce regular exercise. M.E.N.D will take place at The Dolphin Centre.

The programme is funded by the Big Lottery Wellbeing Fund and offers the participants ongoing support through free magazines and website access for two years.

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