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Online talk show

Peter Quest, the former local radio presenter and part time actor, has created an online talk show. Quest, also appeared he appeared in the programme ‘United’ about the tragic Munich air disaster.

This new online show contains information on Darlington, the local news and of course lots of prizes and competitions. Local businesses have also donated prizes to the radio station which has been a massive support for the talk show and Peter. Peter is also searching for other local companies to sponsor the show and advertise.

Peter has cleverly combined his acting skills with his radio experience to gain attention from the local listeners. He has further created an alter ego named ‘Rita’, ‘Rita’ is a guest on the weekly show, giving the show a uniqueness and personality. Continuing with Peter’s search for local businesses and advertisements he has said: “Rita and I can talk intimately to our local listeners about your service product giving you a unique opportunity to get your message across. One of the reasons I created the online radio show is because I believe highly formatted commercial radio has lost both its personality and localness to some extent in recent years leaving a gap in the market. Darlington Daily is a personality led brand and is commited to serving the communities within the Borough of Darlington.”

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