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Campaign in memory of baby Damien

A group of family and friends are running a fundraising campaign for children with heart problems in memory of baby Damien Ward.

Damien, of Tickhill, Doncaster, died when he was just 19 days old after being born with five heart conditions.

His heartbroken mum Katie Ward was so determined to help other children like Damien she launched the campaign with family and friends.

The group have been taking part in a variety of fundraising events to help the Children’s Heart Surgery Fund in Leeds, national charity Little Hearts Matter and the Amelia Matters organisation set-up in aid of Amelia Hine, a little girl from Wales battling heart problems.

Katie said: “It was devastating to be told that he would have heart problems from birth, in that situation you just don’t know what to do.

“It was hard and still is but I’ve made friends through support groups and parents going through similar things to me.

“I found out that one in every 100 or so babies born in the UK would have a heart condition, that’s a devastating amount.

“By raising money for these charities and raising the awareness, we’re hoping it will help research and show that more can be done to stop so many babies from dying. We want to do everything we can.”

Events so far have included a sponsored walk, a race night at Doncaster town centre pub The Staff of Life, a psychic evening and a sponsored sleepover at haunted site Edinburgh Vaults.


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