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Wildlife park has a super mum

Staff at Yorkshire Wildlife Park say they have a supermum in their midst after lemur Humbug surprised them by giving birth again.

The ring-tailed lemur at the Doncaster park is already mum to twins Dominic and Diego, born last year, and Crunchie, born two years ago, and now she has given birth again.

Staff at the park have not yet named the new baby and are not sure if it is a boy or a girl, but are inviting members of the public to visit her and suggest their own ideas, beginning with the letter E.

The new lemur was born in April and staff say she will spend the first few weeks of life clinging to Humbug’s stomach before moving to travel on her back.

A spokesperson for the park said: “Humbug is much loved within our lemur troop and known for being gentle in nature, easily recognisable and, above all, a superb mum.

“Last year she astounded us all with twins Dominic and Diego and this year she has done it again!

“Humbug is very protective of her baby naturally and is most often seen grooming it, but you can sometimes get a fantastic view when she sits up to sunbathe.”

The lemur was born with its 26 stripes already on its tail and with bright orange eyes. It will start weaning off its mother’s milk after about five months. Other lemurs will help look after the baby, including Humbug’s best friend Silver and the baby’s father Tink.


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