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Edinburgh Castle

Castle Rock, where Edinburgh Castle sits, was created by volcanic activity in around 340million BC. Archaeologists have found evidence of humans at the site at around 900 BC. The first evidence of an actual castle type structure at the rock is from around AD 600.

David I built a castle on the rock in around 1130. The only part of this remaining today is a chapel dedicated to his mother Queen Margaret inside the castle walls.

In 1296 England invaded Scotland and captured the castle, the Scots reclaimed it in 1314, the English claimed it back in 1334 and the Scots reclaimed it in 1341.

Mary Queen of Scots gave birth to her son in the castle in 1566. This was the future King James VI of Scotland.

Between 1574 and 1578 the castle was rebuilt and the Half-Moon Battery and Portcullis Gate were added.

The castle was redeveloped between 1887 and 1891.

The first Edinburgh Military Tattoo was held at Edinburgh Castle in 1950.

The Stone of Destiny was returned to Scotland and put on display in the castle in 1996.
Today the castle holds the title as the city’s most popular attraction, with more than 1.25 million visitors every year. Costume performances take place in the castle regularly with re-enactments of some of the castle’s events in history.

The Great Hall is one of its many highlights, along with The Honours of Scotland – the nation’s crown jewels. The National War Museum Scotland is also at the castle site.

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