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Grange street top of the rankings

An Edinburgh street where the average home costs £1.5 million has been named as Scotland’s most expensive street.

Dick Place, in the Grange area of Edinburgh, was top of the list and 13 of the top 20 were also located in Scotland’s capital city. The majority of these addresses are in the New Town and Merchiston.

Residents of the Grange have said that there is still a community feel, despite the wealth in the popular Edinburgh area.

Kathleen King lives with her husband Howard Beck and children Zoe, 18, and 14-year-old Ben on Dick Place in a one-level sprawling property in. They have lived on the street for 13 years.

She said: “It’s quite a community-minded street, the people are very nice. I’ve lived in other parts of Edinburgh but this is great. There are a lot of elderly people but you wouldn’t know this was the most expensive street.

“There is a good mix of children who go to private school and those who go to state school. You’ve got a bit of everything, a few eccentrics – but then people might think we’re the eccentric ones.”

Teenager Zoe is an art student at Telford College and said: “It’s certainly great for trick-or-treating at Hallowe’en.

“You feel really safe growing up here, I think the only bad thing that’s ever happened was we found a woman who had escaped from hospital in our garden.”

Her brother Ben, is a pupil at nearby James Gillespie’s High School and added: “There used to be more young people about, now it seems to be more elderly folk. I like living here though, it’s good.”


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