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Locks shaved off to raise money for Cancer Research

The majority of teenagers would find the idea of having their hair shaved off incredibly hair-raising, but 13-year-old Florence Clark decided to shave off her hair all in the name of charity.

“My friend at school, her cousin has just been diagnosed with skin cancer and we decided we would both get our heads shaved to raise money for Cancer Research UK.”

Even though her friend had to back out, she still decided to complete her pledge in the hopes of raising money for the cancer charity.

“In the end, my friend couldn’t do it, but I decided to go ahead.

“I really, really loved my hair, but I wanted to raise money for charity more than anything.”

The student at St Thomas of Aquins High School went to get her head shaved at the International Barbers in Dalry, where her Dad, Graham, gets his hair cut.

51 year old Graham, a professional photographer, uploaded a 12 minute video of the charity event to YouTube.

“Everyone at school has been really supportive and have said I’ve been really brave. I’m glad that I did it.”

Florence has already raised £120, but is hoping to raise a lot more.

“It was quite weird being in the barbers’ shop, but I had all my friends there.

“I think I would do it again, it was fun and I hope the money will make a difference.”

Florence’s Dad said: “I’m really proud of her.

“The barbers’ shop is a really male environment. I did wonder if it would be suitable and if the barber would be annoyed at having six kids there taking photos of Florence.

“But he was really good and he cut her hair free of charge.

“I decided to film it and put it up on YouTube because I thought it would make a nice memento for Florence, and also all the people that had sponsored her could watch it.”

Cancer Research UK’s head of patient liaison, Martin McGlown, said: “We’re very impressed that Florence has raised more than £100 following her sponsored head-shave.

“It’s not often we hear about girls of this age shaving their hair off for charity, so Florence must have been really determined to do something meaningful to support her friend’s cousin. We are very grateful for the support.”

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