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Arts centre becomes wedding venue

Happy couple Kieran Finn and Vanita Patel were the first to get married in the Harrow Arts Centre.

The centre, usually known for theatre, music, dance and comedy, has now become a registered marriage venue as well.

Keiran and Vanita were the first to take advantage when they enjoyed their wedding day at the centre in April.

Kieran said: “We had been looking at a few venues in the area, but the Elliott Hall is superb – close to home and just a few steps from the ceremony into the reception, it is just a stunning venue.”

Vanita added: “The ceremony was brilliant, the staff were really helpful and the place has been done up so well. We’d definitely recommend it as a place to get married.”

The couple added: “Being the first couple to get married here does make the day that extra bit special. It’s a definitely a big talking point. Anytime in the future when we hear of people saying they are going to get married here, we can say that we were the first!”

Councillor Rekha Shah, responsible for community and cultural services at Harrow Council said: “The Harrow Arts Centre is hugely popular with residents and I am delighted to see it being opened up to a new use. I’d like to congratulate the new Mr and Mrs Finn on their big day and hope that the couple are the first of many to enjoy their special day here.”

The centre includes the Grade II listed Elliott Hall. There are now 15 registered marriage venues in Harrow.


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