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CHIPS chairman survives on rice

Charity worker Matt Cooper survived on just £1 a day to raise money and awareness for people in poverty.

Matt, 27, from Hoddesdon, ate mostly rice and cheap sausages during the challenge to survive on the same amount as the world’s poorest people for five days.

He said: “The main problem has been the lack of variety, and not having the freedom to choose other foods. I’ve had a lot of rice, and also got 20 sausages for £1.

“You find that you have to plan ahead a lot more to make the money go further. I did my whole shopping list at the start of the week.”

Matt was one of many people up and down the country to take part in the Live Below The Line experiment organised by a group of charities.

Matt, who works as chairman of charity CHIPS, which supports children with special needs, added: “There has been some tough going, but I am doing it as a challenge for just five days, and there are a lot of people who don’t get the choice, and this is their daily life.

“I think I will appreciate what we have a lot more. I’m trying to raise £150 by doing this, which I’m well on the way to, but I’ve asked people to take some time to think about how much harder other people have it, even if they can’t sponsor me.

“I’ve been spending a pound a day on food, but even that is a luxury for people who need to spend that on everything – food, shelter, education and healthcare.”


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