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Students get app success

University students are hoping to go global with their phone app after winning a competition for their design.

Thomas Valente and Andrew Gill, who have both just completed postgraduate degrees in motion graphics at Kingston University, and MA graphic design student Michael Azzopardi won a competition at the university for their new networking app.

The three students fought off stiff competition from other Kingston University designers as well as people from Korean University, Hongik. Their prize included a chance to work with renowned graphic designer Malcolm Garrett to take the project live and get the app up and running.

Garrett’s most famous work includes the artwork for the Duran Duran album Rio, and projects for the likes of Boy George and the Buzzcocks.

Michael, 24, said: “Malcolm Garrett is a hero of ours so the chance to work with him was completely amazing and his advice has been invaluable. I think that his guidance has really helped us to push our ideas further.”

The application, called Momentum, is designed to work on smart phones and portable devices such as the iPad. It aims to make interaction and networking within the creative industry more accessible to users on the go.

Thomas, 23, said: “Our app is about building real connections and collaborations between designers. It’s a portable source of creativity and random inspiration that keeps you in touch with the design community around you, all through the simplicity of your phone. Digital dating for designers if you will.”

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