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Best year ever for chick knitters

More than 550 knitted chicks have been made by charitable volunteers to help a children’s hospice in South Manchester raise some much needed money.

The Francis House Children’s Hospice raised £650 by selling the chicks with a Cadbury’s Creme Egg to primary school children throughout the North West.

It is the most money they have raised since the Easter Chicks project first began 12 years ago.

Jackie Hadfield, from Radcliffe came up with the idea. Her husband Graham, then a headteacher, was talking to children about the hospice in school assemblies and she took the knitted chicks into the school to see if they could raise any money.

Jackie said: “The chickens were proving so popular with the children that I was knitting hundreds. I needed help so I put out a call for people to either donate wool or get knitting. Among those who came to my rescue were ladies volunteering in the kitchen and on reception at Francis House.”

Eggs were also donated by the knitters and also from Costco and Tesco.

If you would like to help with the 2013 chicken run project by donating wool, Cadbury creme eggs or knitting time call 0161 4432200 or visit

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