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Leeds office workers save daredevil ducklings

Daredevil ducklings who wandered on to the Leeds city centre streets were rescued by some kind hearted office workers.

The 10 ducklings made it to Neville Street after losing their mother and were spotted by recruitment consultant at Brewster McBride Natalie Poskitt who saw them on her way to work.

Natalie said: “There were several ducklings without their mother at the side of the road looking quite distressed and one helpless chick stuck in the middle of the road in busy rush hour traffic.”

Natalie, who is an affirmed animal lover who owns four rescue cats, a hamster and an African Grey parrot, said: “I was quite distressed that no one seemed to be stopping the traffic.

“One terrified duckling was still wondering on its own up and down the road and was facing certain death.”

Laura Johnson from Asda, who was also passing by joined in with the rescue mission and helped Natalie collect the ducks from the roadside.

The story has a very happy ending as the ducklings were reunited with their mother who was found near the Leeds-Liverpool canal.

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