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Concrete cows could be listed

Favourite Milton Keynes landmarks could be recorded on a special list to recognise their importance in the town.

Icons such as the concrete cows, off Monks Way, and The Point complex could be among those added to the Local List of notable buildings, structures, art and places that have helped to form the heritage of the town.

The new town has recently celebrated its 40th birthday after being created under the New Towns Programme.

Simon Peart, conservation and archaeology manager for Milton Keynes Council, said: “Having not long celebrated its 40th birthday, the significance of Milton Keynes from a heritage and town planning perspective is a complex issue and remains to be fully recognised by the planning system.

“Local listing is a means for a local community and a local authority to jointly decide what it is in their area that they would like recognised as a locally significant ‘heritage asset’ and therefore worthy of some degree of protection in the planning system.

“Local Lists also represent a good way in which to encourage greater partnership working between local authorities, community representatives and others with an interest in the historic environment.”

The Local List would provide information for anyone planning development projects in the town, although it would not mean any additional consent requirements when applying for planning permission.

Local people would be involved in helping to decide which parts of the new town would be added to the list. The council is in consultation with English Heritage regarding the project.


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