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Teacher leading public poetry posting craze

Enfield teacher Yasmin Ali Khan is leading a new craze for writing poetry and posting it in public.

Participants simply write a poem and post it in a public place where other people can read it. The writers also include their email address so they can receive feedback on their work.

Yasmin said: “My inspiration came last year when I was on a one-year exchange programme where I exchanged my job, my house and my life with a woman from America.

“The first poem I wrote was in California. I left it on a swing overlooking the beach and the sea. I left my email address on the bottom and later that evening I got an email from a man who had been walking his dog that afternoon.

“He said that it uplifted his day and really changed his mood. He said he went home and read it to his wife. That experience really encouraged me to do more.”

Yasmin completed a writing course in Georgia and spoke to her friends about her venture. Her friends encouraged her to carry on and poems were posted by the Statue of Liberty, in New York and at famous monuments in Washington DC.

Now the 33 year old has started a website: “We are a grass roots group,” she said. “We don’t make any money. We try just to put smiles on strangers’ faces. We are looking for poets to join us, or if people are not good at writing then we are also looking for people to take the poems and leave them in public places.”

Poems have now been posted around the world in America, India, Korea and Australia.

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