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Project Has Everyone Buzzing

The skies of Sheffield are buzzing with excitement thanks to a new project aimed at helping the UK’s dwindling bee population.

A one-year project entitled Bee Buddies has seen two million bees being introduced to Sheffield.

The British Beekeepers’ Association says one-third of all honeybee colonies were lost last year, and if action is not taken, Britain’s honeybees will disappear by 2018.

The project in Sheffield has resulted in 35 new domestic beehives being set up in the city in urban spaces, allotments, museums and rooftops. The aim of the initiative was also to show some of the unusual places where bees can live.

Bee Buddies has included an educational programme with events taking place in schools and communities.

Naz Sukhi attended a two-day beekeeping course and said: “The course provided an excellent introduction to beekeeping and allowed me to experience beekeeping first hand. I can’t wait to get my own hive at home.”

Primary schools enjoyed education sessions including honey tasting and beeswax candle making.

Gail Hudson, from Springfield School, said: “The beekeeping session was a great success, capturing the imagination of pupils and children alike. We have now created a bee friendly area within the school grounds using the bee seed mix produced through the project. The sessions were well delivered and featured engaging activities, and greatly complemented the Eco Schools programme.”

Plants have also been introduced into gardens in the city to ensure the new bees can store up plenty of food for the winter.


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