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Volunteers save dogs from death row

Highfields kennels of the Re-Homing Animal Telephone Service (R.A.T.S) in a Hertfordshire village has been offering a literal lifeline to dogs that are going to be put down.

The centre is run by Mandy Guntley and Walter Gortz who are volunteers who also live on site. Another volunteer for the organisation, Sue Graves has said: “Dog wardens will contact us saying a dog is about to be put down. Owners get seven days – a very short time – before this happens so if we can we will take them but we can’t always.”

One of the dogs that has been saved is an English Bull Terrier cross called Jack who has been saved twice. He has now found a home after one of the organisation’s volunteer dog walkers fell in love with him. The organisation has benefited enormously from donations, but they need more volunteers.

She said: “We are always looking for dog walkers and volunteers to help us out. “We are a very small group of people doing a lot I’m afraid.”

Highfields welcomes both dogs from the pound and dogs that have been given up. One of their dogs is a two-year-old German Shepherd-Collie cross called Suki who was given up by her owner because she could not look after her anymore. 5-year-old Rex has also found a home at Highfields after a child in his old home developed an allergy to him.

Mandy Guntley said: “One of our policies is to never put a dog down unless it is through sickness or real aggression we can’t deal with.”

Call (01763) 289688 or visit http://www.rats-animalrescue.co.uk/ for more information or to make a donation.

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