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Crime reduction in Wigan Borough

Crime across the Wigan Borough has reduced by six per cent thanks to the work of the Police, the Council and other local agencies over a 12 month period.

This means that there have been 1,072 fewer victims of crime in the area.

The end of year figures show that categories including burglary, car crime and robbery have significantly reduces.

Violent crimes have reduced by over 25% meaning that there have been 52 fewer offences.

As well as crime, antisocial behaviour has also reduced by 6.5%.

Shaun Donnellan, Chief Superintendent of the Greater Manchester Police’s Wigan Division said: “These figures show we are succeeding in tackling the issues that people have told us concern them most. We have attained these reductions by continually working with partners and local communities, and this hard work is now not only making communities safer, but making them feel safer too.

“The public can be reassured that we won’t be resting on our laurels in the coming months, but will continue to work hard to bring down crime further, make life difficult for criminals and help improve the quality of life for everyone in the borough.”

For more information go to gmp.police.uk/wigan. You can report non emergencies to 101 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

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