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Phil Taylor hits the weight loss bullseye

Phil ‘The Power’ Taylor has lost almost three stone which he believes will take him closer to his goal of winning a 16th world championship before he retires.

Phil told of his hope to lift the trophy at least once more at an exhibition event at Riley’s Sports Bar in Wolverhampton.

He said: “I am 52 this year, so I can’t be running about like I used to do.

“When I play like I can, I win, but it’s all about being fit and healthy.

“I am training right and being healthy, I started that at the end of January and got myself a nutritionist, I have knocked off roughly 3st since then.

“Because I am doing weights, as well, I am putting on muscle and I feel great, I did it all with darts in mind.

“I want to see if I can improve myself over the three or four years I have got left. But, most of all, I want to be fit and healthy when I retire, I have to watch what I am doing and I have done it wrong for years.

“Everything is perfect this time.”

Taylor played against the best dart players that Riley’s could offer, PDC Youth Tour competitors Anthony West and Ash Khayat, and beat them both with high checkouts.

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