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Bum-pinching ghost at Birmingham pub!

A Birmingham pub is being haunted by the presence of a poltergeist with a cheeky side!

The Jewellery Quarter’s Queens Arms pub is haunted by a bum pinching phantom that doesn’t care whether his victims are male or female.

The boss Christian Dixon said: “It’s quite shocking – and definitely not a muscle spasm. It’s a very firm pinch.

“It happens day and night. You turn round, but there’s no one there. It’s most off-putting.”

Paula Wharton, assistant manager and barmaid, has also been accosted by the playful spook but she sees the funny side: “I don’t think he’s nasty, he’s just another regular,’’ she laughed. ‘‘I live at the pub, but I’m OK in the flat. It’s late at night when staff walk from the back to the bar that they see and hear things.”

The only time that Paula has been really spooked is when she heard music and singing coming from the bowels of the empty building.

There have been other mysterious goings on at the 170-year-old pub including a bald headed ghost that keeps walking through wall because he hasn’t got use to the pub’s new layout.

Georgina Mason, a barmaid at the pub, has had the closest encounter with the spirit world. She was about to challenge a stranger who was walking through the bar, but before she could, he had walked through a wall!

Manager Christian is baffled by the events: “We have witnessed chairs moving on their own, frequently heard footsteps when the pub is closed and seen pockets of twirling smoke inside, always coming from the same area.”

“We each have our own theories as to what’s causing these occurrences.

“But whatever it is, it does seem some customers and staff love the place so much they just can’t bring themselves to leave.”

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