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Students are Wembley ball boys

Talented students appeared before an audience of 92,000 at Wembley Stadium after being picked as ball boys for a big match.

The 15 pupils of The de Ferrers Academy, in Burton upon Trent, were chosen for the role at the Carling Cup Liverpool v Cardiff match at the end of February.

The youngsters were chosen because of their commitment to sport at the academy.

David Lovell, director of learning at The de Ferrers Academy, said: “We are delighted and feel very honoured to have been chosen. This is a fantastic opportunity for our students and a great way for us to reward a few of the many students who consistently demonstrate commitment and a positive attitude towards PE and sport at The de Ferrers Academy.”

Jack Styne, 15, one of the chosen students, said: “It was a fantastic opportunity and I feel privileged to have been selected.”

The students were chosen by English Schools Football Association (ESFA) chairman, John Appleby.

He said: “Taking part in the Carling Cup Final as ball boys is a great way to reward hard working and committed staff and students at The de Ferrers Academy who have been consistent supporters of the BDSFA and ESFA for many years.

“It really is an incredible experience and something that everyone will remember for years to come.”

The Academy’s principal, Mr Steve Allen, said: “I’m very proud that our students will be representing Burton District Schools and the English Schools Football Association. Once again our students are recognised for their excellence and commitment to sports.”

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