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Travelling continues for Diamond wedding pair

Diamond wedding couple Ernie and Joan Smith are as adventurous as when they first met.

The couple, who have celebrated 60 years of marriage, still drive all over Europe and go on cycle rides together, despite being in their 80s.

The happy pair, from Winshill, Burton upon Trent, still enjoy driving their caravan to Spain and doing the gardening, and refuse to slow down.

Mrs Smith said: “As you get older you don’t have to say ‘I can’t do that any more’ and just sit in a chair. You accept that your body alters but you can still do things.

“We always said when we got married we’d work together and play together and that’s what we’ve done — we’re joined at the hip now.”

Mr and Mrs Smith met at a dance in Burton Town Hall in 1949. They have always enjoyed an adventurous lifestyle and their trips have included travelling all over Europe on a motorbike and driving holidays in Europe and America.

Mrs Smith added: “We’ve been on a fantastic journey together. We’ve had a damn good life and we’re still having a wonderful life. I wouldn’t change a thing.

“We’ve achieved more than we ever dreamed and if you’d said when we got married we’d end up owning our own bungalow, we’d just have laughed.

“I find it difficult to believe when people say they never argue. Of course we do argue, but it’s only over silly, everyday things, and I admit I have got a sharp tongue sometimes.”

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