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Brave youngster saves puppy

Brave 12-year-old Kate Hallsworth dived into a reservoir to save her pet puppy from drowning.

The youngster, from Tottington, jumped into the cold water of Jumbles Reservoir, in Bolton, after her six-month-old pup Lilly fell in and could not get out.

She got into the water with all her clothes on, swam to the puppy and managed to pass it out to her mum and friend.

Kate, a first year pupil at Tottington High School, said: “I would definitely do the whole thing again. I love the dog to bits. I went into the water because I thought she was going to drown and that we would lose her.

“I think I’m quite a strong swimmer. When the dog went into the water, I didn’t really have time to think about anything and I just lowered myself in.

“I’m 5ft 5inch tall and I was up to my neck. My feet couldn’t touch the bottom and I don’t know how deep the water was. I wasn’t frightened of going under and confident that I would be all right. Afterwards, I felt very happy with myself but my legs were numb with the cold.”

Her mum Sam, 45, said: “After Kate had rescued the dog, panic set in because she couldn’t manage to hook herself up to get over the reservoir wall.

“But thankfully she managed to get one of her legs up and we were able to pull her out of the water.

“Kate saved the dog’s life. It could not have survived. It was crying and going under the water. Afterwards, Kate was quiet when everything began to sink in and she was cuddling the dog.”


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