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Students perform for Robin Cousins

Students performed an audition for Dancing on Ice judge Robin Cousins when he paid a visit to their college.

Robin, who is also performing in Grease the Musical at Marlowe Theatre, gave a singing and dancing masterclass at Canterbury College before sitting on a judging panel for mock auditions.

Musical theatre students at the college were given the opportunity to sing a song of their choice to Robin, who plays Teen Angel in Grease, Danny Bayne, who plays Danny, and Carina Gillespie, who plays Sandy.

The judges gave constructive feedback to the young performers in an aim to give them experience of a real audition.

Robin said: “It was fun for us to be there and put the students through their paces. They were nervous at first but settled into a good few hours of work and we saw some real talent during the workshops.”

Performing arts student Cameron Rossiter, 17, who sang Who Wants to Live Forever from We Will Rock You, said: “Going in front of professional judges has made me more confident about doing auditions in the future.”

Bridie Douglas, 17, who sang Your Daddy’s Son, from Ragtime, said: “The judges pulled no punches – it was all very professional. It was useful for us because they were very constructive with their feedback.”

Musical theatre tutor Tony Greenlaw said: “The students benefited tremendously. They are developing nerves of steel thanks to high-pressure situations like the audition and choreography workshops. It prepares them for real auditions which can be for degree courses or actual employment in musical theatre.”

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