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Cardiff Born, Cardiff Bred

The Cardiff version of The Only Way Is Essex has launched online in an aim to show what makes people from the city so special.

The Cardiff Born, Cardiff Bred website will show real people going about their daily lives. It will be broadcast for about 30 minutes every week online.

The project is being organised by Cardiff modelling agency Sarah Jane Management with Cardiff-based production company Bulldozer Film.

Agency owner Sarah-Jane Farthing, 25, said: “Some people are a bit worried that we will be portraying the Welsh in a negative light, but that is not what we are doing.”

She said she decided to do the show because she loved The Only Way Is Essex so much.

She added: “Our show is a similar concept to The Only Way Is Essex but we’re putting a completely different spin on it. We’re looking to feature around 10-15 main characters and then a lot of extras.”

Kerry Jones, from Cardiff, was one of hundreds of hopefuls who auditioned to take part in the show. She said it would be great to show what really makes a Cardiff girl unique.

She added: “Girls in Cardiff, we are aggressive. We are strong and we are not afraid to chip our nails when we need to get down and get things done, and I think that is what real life is all about.

“People in Wales have a lot of things to work through. There is not a lot of money in Cardiff, there is not a lot of money in Wales, but we still live the lifestyle we want to as if we have a lot of money. There is a great party happening. It is a great place to be and I just think it is a really nice city to grow up in.”

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