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Special day out at Cardiff City home game for boy who saved his Mum’s life

Daniel Brown, a schoolboy who saved his mother’s life after she suffered from a life threatening diabetic episode, has been treated to a day out at Cardiff City to reward his quick thinking and bravery.

Daniel’s mum could have died in minutes, but he was calm under pressure, called his grandmother and helped saved his mum’s life.

The nine-year-old, who suffers from asthma and has a hole in his heart, recognised that something wasn’t right when his mother kept slipping in and out of consciousness.

Daniel was made a special guest at Cardiff City after the club saw his story in the local newspaper.  Daniel, along with his mum, grandma and friend Cory Bracey, were invited to see Cardiff play Reading at the Cardiff City Stadium.

They watched their team win 3-1 from a swanky corporate hospitality suite and met some of the club’s players before the game. Daniel also had his picture taken in front of the 23,655 strong crowd.

Daniel’s mum Sarah said: “It was lovely. The boys had lovely gift packs with scarves, it’s been really good. We went down to the tunnel before the game and the players were all getting changed. We got to go out on to the pitch before, even though it said ‘No one allowed across the white line’ – we were allowed on. The boys really enjoyed it.”

Daniel has also received a special bravery award from his school, Ysgol Coed-y-Gof in Pentrebane.

He added: “Before the game a man took photos and we saw two players and got some autographs. We had good seats. In my gift bag there was a teddy, a cup and a scarf.”

Director of international marketing at Cardiff City, Julian Jenkins, said: “As a football club we recognise our wider social responsibility to the community to reward them for certain acts. Certainly what this young lad did for his mum was a bit special.”

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