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Minibus stolen from from Enfield sea cadets

Sea cadets in Enfield are asking the public for help after their K-reg minibus was stolen by thieves.

The minibus was used to transport the cadets to festivals, parades and displays across the South East, but it was stolen by callous thieves.

The minibus was used to transport the cadets from their base in Ponders End and the theft has left the cadets “devastated”.

Secretary Pam Holloway said: “At the moment, transport is a big problem for us. We have got kids doing Duke of Edinburgh awards, kids doing BTECs, and kids who have gone to school and been in trouble who are getting reports to say their behaviour is improving. We can’t take them out now unless we rope in all the parents and staff which is not always possible.”

The lack of transport has meant that the cadets unfortunately had to pull put of an appearance at the Enfield Pageant Motorshow as they were enable to get the children and the equipment to the event.

They have already begun raising money for a new minibus, but they will have to raise £6,000 to get a bus that meets the new emission targets.

The stolen bus cost £1,000 and was bought by the cadets with money they had raised.


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